Jamie Konarski Davidson

Jamie Konarski Davidson


Jamie Konarski Davidson is an award-winning outdoor & nature photographer with a passion for capturing and sharing intimate details of nature and the landscapes (rural, intimate and grand). She embraces creative techniques and simple beauty, and encourages people in their photographic journeys to find their visual voice. Jamie’s process emphasizes connecting with subjects and presenting them in ways that convey how she feels in the moment of capture. Her creative tools include color, infrared and black/white, HDR, long exposure, Lensbaby and all the tools of the digital darkroom. Doing the work to “get it right” in the field, yet being open to experiment and try new techniques is the dance of this photographer/artist.

Jamie is an active member of North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and former Board member, 2013 Summit Coordinator, Regional Field Event Leader, and Carolinas Nature Photography Association (CNPA). She was a keynote presenter at the N4C North Central Camera Club Council’s 2016 Annual Conference in Fargo, ND, and presenter at NANPA’s 2015 Nature Photography Summit in San Diego. Jamie presents programs and workshops for local and regional camera clubs and organizations in the Southeast, including CNPA, GNPA, Loudoun Photo Club, Cape Fear Camera Club and more.

Through her company, New Life Photos, Jamie leads workshops and photo tours throughout the Southeast and markets her work through exhibits and art shows. Her goals as an instructor are to encourage, inspire and help people develop and grow their skills, connect with their subjects and see beyond the obvious so they can discover and express their on visual voice. As part of the ASAP Photo & Camera team in Greenville, she teaches, coordinates events and social media efforts.

 http://www.newlifephotos.com to learn more.


Creative Macro: Unleash the Artist Within

There’s an artist lurking inside every photographer, whether they know it or not. In the arena of “smalls”, macro photography has a way of drawing the artist out. Whether you love to shoot flowers, relegated rust, feathers, coins or nuts and bolts, how you choose to design your image can make all the difference. What tool you choose to use is equally influential. However, the greatest tools of any artist/photographer are found within – life experience, interests and imagination. Balancing the serious and playful or the technical focus and going with the flow can be challenging. The beauty of macro photography is that it can be done anywhere, anytime, and it serves both the technician and the artist.

In this session, Jamie will share her approach to macro photography, regardless of subject matter. The key is to “connect,” and push yourself beyond perceived  boundaries so that your images express what holds your attention and inspires wonder. Jamie will talk about creating artistic interpretations that reflect connections and personal vision. Among the creative tools beyond the macro lens she will discuss Lensbaby optics (Velvet 56, Soft focus), making use of diopters (Canon 500D, Nikon 6T) to get closer with any lens, as well as lighting techniques. She will also talk about how to extend your vision beyond the camera with tools such as Topaz Impression, Texture Effect, and more. Your inner artist awaits.

Level 1 & 2

Macro Photography: An Introduction to the Basics

The world of macro photography is a magical one that makes small things big. Entering that world requires some basic knowledge about your camera, exposure, light and composition.  In this session, Jamie will introduce you to the basic tools, techniques and principles of macro and close-up photography. Concepts covered include defining and approaching subject, focus issues, controlling depth of field for pleasing backgrounds, controlling light simply with flash, filters, reflectors and diffusers, and some composition basics. Whether you’re new or old to photography, macro image making requires some specific gear and ways to use it to achieve your desired effect.

Level 1 & 2


Plane hood ornament on a 1956 Buick Super at OCC in Georgia

Close-up of folds and flow of pink peony petals

Close-up of Perfection pull on Williams Pipe Tone organ at Tankard Church, Yeatsville, NC, with Lensbaby Velvet 56