Brian Matiash

Brian Matiash

Brian Matiash is a professional photographer, published author, and educator based in Portland, OR. He specializes in fusing landscape & travel photography with experiential storytelling and practical instruction to help others grow creatively. Brian has spent the better part of a decade educating, empowering and inspiring photographers all around the world with his tutorials, videos, and stories. Furthermore, Brian uses his years of providing social and content strategy for some of the world’s largest companies—including Google, Sony and Wacom—to develop and execute on a variety of marketing campaigns successfully and authentically.


Brian is proud to closely partner with some of the world’s best photography and technology companies, all of whom play vital roles in his creative workflow. He is a Sony Artisans of Imagery, a Zeiss Lens Ambassador, a Formatt-Hitech Featured Photographer, and a member of G-Technology’s G-Team. Brian also contributes regularly to a variety of photography publications, both online and in print.

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Program Title

The Visual Palette: Defining Your Photographic Style


Join professional photographer and published author, Brian Matiash, as he outlines and illustrates mindsets, approaches, and techniques that you can implement in order to apply your own unique stamp on your photos. In this presentation, Brian will go over a variety of topics, including how to train oneself to “see differently”, whether you’re behind the camera, editing an image, or sharing your photo with others. Finally, Brian examines his own path to creativity and personal style in hopes of encouraging attendees to use the knowledge gained to forge their own paths.