Mark Bowie

Head Shot

Mark Bowie is a professional nature photographer, writer, teacher and much sought after public
speaker. His work has been published internationally in books, on calendars and posters,
and in advertising media. His first two coffee table books, Adirondack Waters: Spirit of the
Mountains and In Stoddard’s Footsteps: The Adirondacks Then & Now, have become landmark
regional publications. They were followed by The Adirondacks: In Celebration of the Seasons.
He is a specialist in night photography and has produced two comprehensive e-books on the
subject: The Light of Midnight: Photographing the Landscape at Night, and After Midnight: Night
Photography by Example. Mark is a staff instructor for the Adirondack Photography Institute
and leads photography workshops and seminars for camera clubs and other groups. For more
information, please visit his website,

Compelling Landscapes:

The Journey of Discovery
Program Description:

In this brand new presentation — designed for photographers of all skill levels — I’ll share how I created special landscape images by
using the camera as a vehicle for personal discovery.

I’ll present sequences of example images from a variety of landscapes, shot in different weather and lighting conditions, to illustrate
how “looking deeper” guided me to ever better results and new discoveries. Then we’ll examine how these discoveries can be applied
in similar situations at other times to create extraordinary images.

I’ll discuss my learning process and how the camera led me beyond my presuppositions to unforeseen compositions and vantage
points, how it suggested when to re-visit a scene to see how subjects can be rendered at different times of day or in different light,
how in unflattering light grand subjects are diminished, yet in great light even lowly subjects can be beautiful. I’ll also discuss how
it helped me hone in subjects and refine compositions, and how by eliminating distractions, we become more attune to color and
shapes, patterns and textures.

By letting the camera guide us as we chase light, we become better artists, with a deeper understanding into the creative possibilites of
Nature’s ever-changing beauty.

Bowie_ButtermilkFalls_1016_DSC5457MF-1000pxW Bowie_DSC6929MF-EditOrtonandGlow-1000pxW Bowie_-EditMF-1200pxH Bowie_FrontenacFalls_0816_DSC4057-EditMF-1000pxH Bowie_KeeneV_1016_DSC63506353-LRHDR-EditMF-1000pxW Bowie_LBrownsTractP_0916_DSC4759-EditMF-1000pxW Bowie_RobertTremanStPk_0616_DSC40884089-LRPanoPerspec-Edit-1000pxW


Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes

Program Description:

Shooting and blending multiple exposures has revolutionized my landscape photography. Through these techniques photographers can
push the bounds of what’s possible to capture with a camera, achieving results closer to how we envision them than a single exposure
could, and opening opportunities for capturing “never-before-possible” images.

By shooting multiple exposures in the field and combining them in-camera or in the digital darkroom, photographers can extend
exposure latitude, depth of field and camera resolution. State-of-the-art software including Photoshop and Lightroom CC, PT Gui,
Photomatix, StarStax, and others offer powerful options for compositing these images quickly and seamlessly.

In this new presentation, designed for both amateur and seasoned shooters, I explain the many benefits of blending multiple
exposures, and when and how to shoot them — to go beyond the ordinary and realize the enormous potential of landscape imagery.
I’ll cover field techniques, equipment, and the software used to produce numerous types of multi-shot compositions:

• Layer masks, luminosity masks, and HDR’s for expanding exposure latitude
• Focus stacking for extreme depth of field
• HDR panoramas and multi-row panoramas for expanding exposure range and resolution
• Time interval and time-lapse sequences

FlyP_0913_DSC10821093-Edit-EditMF-1000pxH FollensbyClearP_0814_DSC47244776MF-1000pxW Inlet_0914_DSC7589-Edit7591_7591maskMF-1000pxH LDurant_0914_DSC7678MF-1000pxH LDurant_0914_DSC7717_8_9MF-Edit-1000pxW TooleyPTract_1016_DSC76287631-LRHDR-EditMF-1000pxW


Finding November

Program Description:

Mark Bowie assigned himself a project to photograph November, staying close to home in western New England and northern New York State.  He was out nearly every day — anytime from predawn to night — making images and recording his impressions.  His goal was to look beyond the bare trees and gray skies to discover November’s hidden beauty.  It became a very personal project, an exercise in the art of seeing and improving his craft.  The resulting images, and the stories behind them, are compiled in this astonishing program.  The lessons learned are applicable for photographers of all skill levels, regardless of the time of year.  They reveal the depth and character of the month, and the treasures to be found by looking deeper.